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2013/06/25 - IN CORRECT

New track from the upcoming album… hope you enjoy and please leave some comments!

2013/04/02 - UPDATE

Since a new album is on the way and a lot of other things are happening around Numb we decided to refurbish our website and make it a bit simpler. Some free unreleased stuff will soon be uploaded. Stay tuned!

Monotonicity criterion


The video for Monotonicity Criterion is finally finished and a big thanks to Jimmy Wester for working his ass of to finish the video. We also got a 3D-version that you can find here.

2013/02/28 - STATE OF WAR

Our second album is well on the way to be finished. While you wait don’t forget to check out our first album “Kəmfərtəbəl” if you haven’t already. The video below is one of our most appreciated tracks on the album called “State of War” and the images are borrowed from Image Science & Analysis Laboratory @ NASA